Educational Leadership Terms

Strategy, action, vision, plans - OH MY.  When entering educational leadership (or even being in it) - you may feel you are walking down the yellow brick road of leadership terms. However, knowing and identifying the main areas and a path to efficiently focus on what matters will help you develop a "real" culture of success... Continue Reading →

Creating Win-Win Situations

The ability to find a win-win situation is an important strategy when building a positive collaborative community. The definition of a win-win situation is working toward a mutually beneficial solution.  Individuals in leadership or classroom roles are striving for “win-win” situations all the time. It is rare that you will find a win-win situation where... Continue Reading →

Tips for Developing a Partnership with Classroom and Push-In Educators

Providing push-in seamless services is becoming increasingly important in public education. More and more students are requiring specialized support and classroom educators are being asked to co-teach or plan with another educator in the classroom to provide targeted support and enrichment/intervention.  Many support staff, intervention educators, related service providers, and para educators provide push-in education.... Continue Reading →

How to be a collaborative leader

When the word “collaboration” is spoken in a school, it is not always welcomed with open arms. Educators or leaders who have had success or are comfortable working solo may feel they are being encroached on or that their ideas are being invaded. However, when your school community respects each other and acknowledges individual skills... Continue Reading →

Supporting Student Productive Struggle

This week our administrative team conducted class visits and we talked about students taking risks and teachers supporting the productive struggle of learners.  Productive Struggle?  I wanted to dive into that thought and since my #oneword18 is “write” I want to push myself and keep writing. So last night, I read, reflected, and then put... Continue Reading →

Digital Citizenship

Today’s classrooms are providing opportunities for students to learn with technology tools and nonstop information. Providing the ability to communicate and interact very quickly online. The growth of 1:1 initiatives in schools is driving the conversation and need to highlight the responsible use of technology in education.  We have heard the phrase many times “your... Continue Reading →

School Leader Visibility

In my 11 years of being a principal and now the past two years as a district leader, I have seen the role of school administrator evolve from a building manager into an instructional leader. Shaping instructional curriculum and supervising teachers are two of the many roles of an instructional leader and the two I... Continue Reading →


In October weeks ago I was lucky enough to be part of the ACTEM learning conference - ACTEM stands for Association of computer using educators of Maine. I saw five amazing educators complete an Ignite presentation. Those educators are: Eric Butash, Suzy Brooks, Mike Arsenault, Dan Ryder, and Eric Lawson.  I was inspired to see... Continue Reading →

School Culture vs. Climate

I know ASCD is months away, but it is an honor to be asked to speak as part of the learning tables on Saturday and Sunday and taking the time to prepare is critical.  I will be talking about school culture and the impact it has on job satisfaction of teachers.  This was the topic... Continue Reading →

Educator Voice in Innovation

Innovation is happening in schools across the country. Blended learning is no longer a new idea and technology is being used across all disciplines preK-12.  Innovation is not a synonym for technology but more a direct connection to creative thinking and how to spark motivation with creative instructional content.  Digital content and opportunities for active... Continue Reading →

Blended Learning for Active Learners

Over a year ago I took on a new professional challenge as the Director of Digital Learning, Technology and Innovation in the Milford Public Schools after 11 years of holding a school principal role. I heard so many “buzz” words and jargon that it was difficult to focus on strategies or tools to being the... Continue Reading →

What Makes An Innovative Leader?

In June of 2016, I left the role of building principal, one I held for eleven years spanning two districts in Massachusetts, and transitioned to a central office position to support digital learning and innovation in Milford Public Schools. As I’ve transitioned to this new role, I’ve learned more about what it means to be... Continue Reading →

Continuous Learning and Growth

As someone who went back to school, and never thought I would, at 43 - I can tell you being a continuous learner has benefited me as an educator and a leader.  When I saw Continuous Learning and assessment as one of Milford's 4 big district goals I was thrilled because that is a sign... Continue Reading →

Ways to be an effective educator

Before coming to Milford I served as a building principal for 10 years in Attleboro and Natick and in March 2016 I completed my doctorate in educational leadership.  This post I will focus on Ways to be an effective educator. I took some ideas and strategies during my time as a principal and my research... Continue Reading →

Digital Leadership Is Action, Not Position

While “the boss,” or principal, may be the one who leads a school’s digital initiative, any staff member or student can demonstrate leadership to enhance learning. As Donald McGannon said, “leadership is action, not position.” School leadership, which is the process of enlisting and guiding the talents and energies of teachers, students, and families toward... Continue Reading →

Blended Learning

I believe and have seen in classrooms that that the more students are engaged and take an active part in their learning, the more likely they are to perform well academically, obtaining higher grades and earn higher scores on standardized tests. Think about that - it makes perfect sense – bottom line – the higher... Continue Reading →


Episode 2 of MPS talks focuses on leadership action and the idea that "Leadership is Action not position" Click to watch MPS Talk

Digital Leadership

Got a gr8 book: Digital Leadership by @E_Sheninger Looking 4ward to reading + bringing strategies to MPS #innovation. Click to read Ch. 1 and 2 review.

Click to view a great visual for Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Google In Education

The photo says it all "Tools that your entire schools can use, together". Click to read a short overview and I plan to load of the “Google Tools” page of this blog as a support for students and Educators of Milford. CHECK BACK OFTEN and share your ideas.

A Culture of Explanation

We need to create classrooms where students are the ones who have to defend and explain their ideas as opposed to regurgitate facts. Click here to read about some tools.

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