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Digital Learning Tools

Click to listen to 21st Century learning tools that I shared to increase engagement that educators can implement for blended learning.

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Episode 2 of MPS talks focuses on leadership action and the idea that “Leadership is Action not position” Click to watch MPS Talk

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Digital Leadership: Chapter 3,4 and 5

I had time to read more of Digital Leadership the past week and took a lot away from the content. Click this post to read my reflections on chapter 3-5.

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Digital Leadership

Got a gr8 book: Digital Leadership by @E_Sheninger Looking 4ward to reading + bringing strategies to MPS #innovation. Click to read Ch. 1 and 2 review.

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Google: Know Your Terms

Click to view a great visual for Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

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Google In Education

The photo says it all “Tools that your entire schools can use, together”. Click to read a short overview and I plan to load of the “Google Tools” page of this blog as a support for students and Educators of Milford. CHECK BACK OFTEN and share your ideas.

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A Culture of Explanation

We need to create classrooms where students are the ones who have to defend and explain their ideas as opposed to regurgitate facts. Click here to read about some tools.

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21st Century Tool to Boost Student Engagement

Part of my work at BC was studying student engagement. I learned that high levels of student engagement are commonly believed to be critical to learning. Click to read more about study and tools to increase engagement.

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Evernote as a Tool

I know we have busy lives and as educators are spinning many plats or wearing many hats. Too often we collect notebooks in just about every corner of your office or classroom. Slips of papers as reminders with some string of illegible thoughts on them. Click to read more about this GREAT TOOL.

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