Thoughts on STEM

Thursday mornings (or evenings if you are in Australia) is a time for the best STEM chat (in my opinion) on Twitter -  #primarySTEMchat. Rachael Lehr (@rachaellehr) a science & digital tech. teacher from Perth, Western Australia is one of the co-host. As a former school leader who transitioned into a district digital learning leader... Continue Reading →

Digital Tattoo

This weekend I participated in a Twitter chat #satchat with the theme of digital citizenship. One of my posts shared how I look at a digital footprint - I actually look at it as a digital tattoo. That post in three days became the largest re-tweet or liked tweet that I have ever had on... Continue Reading →

Be the best FOR the world

As we wrap up Teacher Appreciation week I had time to reflect on what appreciation, empathy, and doing right by others is all about. This time also gave me a chance to ensure I am doing that.  Over that past 11 months I have had a chance to see two speakers live and watch a... Continue Reading →

Smart Risk Taking

To put a close on the Boston Tech and Learning Leader Event I wanted to take time to reflect on the learning, the opportunities, the connections made, the reconnection with EdTech Leaders, the fun with friends, and the risks taken (# poetry_slam). The poetry slam made me think of the Henry David Thoreau quote I... Continue Reading →

Tips for Successful Teaching Job Search

Smarter job search strategies are required to get a teaching job. Finding a teaching job in today's market is not easy. Many public school teaching jobs have been quite competitive. This doesn't mean that a teaching position is out of reach, it just means that you must be even more prepared than ever before. My... Continue Reading →

Interviewing For a Teaching Job

The market is flooded and the openings are limited in education but there are thousands of graduates looking to get into the teaching profession. There are a thousand more who went back to school to be a teacher and now trying to get your foot in the door and "get my own classroom" I visited... Continue Reading →

Toasting EdTech and Curriculum

As I get ready for my panel on EdTech Leadership and my first EdTech Poetry Slam (yes – you read that right) at Tech and Learning Live Boston, coming up on April 27, I started thinking about Carl Hooker’s keynote about the marriage of Curriculum and Technology. How fun would that wedding be? If I were... Continue Reading →

Increasing Student Voice at #BPLC18

Had a great morning of learning at the Blended & Personalized Learning Conference in Providence Sat. 4/7 (#BPLC18).  Sessions I found myself in the most focused on increasing student voice in learning. Today’s learners are experiential learners who learn by discovery rather than being “told.” They like to interact with content to explore and draw... Continue Reading →

EdTech Lens: ASCD’s #Empower18 Conference Report

More than 7,500 educators from around the globe gathered in Boston to participate in ASCD's #Empower18 conference. From the opening welcome reception to the final moments, the keynotes, sessions, and conversations were free-flowing and high level. As Ink International Founder Manny Scott said in his keynote “be learners for your students.” Attendees attended Learning Labs... Continue Reading →

How to Orchestrate a Digital Transformation

Milford Public Schools in Massachusetts became tech-savvy in roughly 18 months — and your school district can, too. *Originally Posted on EdTech K-12 Blog - click here to view Talk about a big change in culture: A short two years ago, Milford Public Schools in Massachusetts had no network to speak of and even fewer computers available... Continue Reading →

Strategies to Plan a District Digital Learning Day

Co Written with Erin Fisher, MEd (@MrsErinFisher) the tech integration specialist at East Bridgewater (MA) Public Schools. When teachers are sharing student successes using digital learning—on Twitter, by email to stakeholders, or directly at events—there will be increased support for such a full-day professional development opportunity. Facilitating technology-focused professional development days takes strategic planning, follow-through, and... Continue Reading →

Maximize your #Empower18 Experience

Ready, set, …… we are off at #EMPOWER18! Started off Friday by hitt’n Dunkies and saw this guy there. I knew these 4 days were going to be “Wicked Awesome”. Whatever your pre-event goals were or expectations for @ASCD - I hope you MAXIMIZE them during your time in Boston. I arrived in Boston Friday... Continue Reading →

Pre ASCD preview Part 2

 My materials are ready for my learning table, ticket printed, parking pass on my phone, and phone/computer chargers packed. I was excited and proud to attend #Empower18.  Part of getting everything ready was to make sure I had the content and visuals for my time at the learning tables.  My Boston College study (that I... Continue Reading →

ASCD Teaser: School Culture

I am very excited and honored to share my work, thoughts, and research on the Influence of School Culture on the Job Satisfaction of Novice Teachers at ASCD in one week. EMPOWER18 has so many ways for educators to make connections and own their own learning. I will be part of the learning tables/poster sessions where... Continue Reading →

Strategies to become an effective teacher

Today I had an opportunity to come back to my alma mater Springfield College and talk with a few education classes.  The discussion focused around “ways I think you can become a truly effective teacher”.  I had an hour between sessions and wanted to share some of the strategies and discussion here on my blog.... Continue Reading →

Vision: First Step in Leadership

In my experience as a building principal and district leader, I believe one must start with a clear vision and sense of purpose as he develops a collaborative community. Effective leaders can vividly describe their vision of the future and can paint a clear picture of that destination to others. They build teams and define... Continue Reading →

Digital Learning or just “Learning”

Happy digital learning day. With digital learning in my title I want to contribute on #DLDay.  However, I think my contribution could be to remove the word “Digital”. When I hear digital learning I often think “why are we saying “digital”.  Digital learning is LEARNING with the tools that match students’ needs. I see all... Continue Reading →

Educational Leadership Terms

Strategy, action, vision, plans - OH MY.  When entering educational leadership (or even being in it) - you may feel you are walking down the yellow brick road of leadership terms. However, knowing and identifying the main areas and a path to efficiently focus on what matters will help you develop a "real" culture of success... Continue Reading →

Creating Win-Win Situations

The ability to find a win-win situation is an important strategy when building a positive collaborative community. The definition of a win-win situation is working toward a mutually beneficial solution.  Individuals in leadership or classroom roles are striving for “win-win” situations all the time. It is rare that you will find a win-win situation where... Continue Reading →

Tips for Developing a Partnership with Classroom and Push-In Educators

Providing push-in seamless services is becoming increasingly important in public education. More and more students are requiring specialized support and classroom educators are being asked to co-teach or plan with another educator in the classroom to provide targeted support and enrichment/intervention.  Many support staff, intervention educators, related service providers, and para educators provide push-in education.... Continue Reading →

How to be a collaborative leader

When the word “collaboration” is spoken in a school, it is not always welcomed with open arms. Educators or leaders who have had success or are comfortable working solo may feel they are being encroached on or that their ideas are being invaded. However, when your school community respects each other and acknowledges individual skills... Continue Reading →

Supporting Student Productive Struggle

This week our administrative team conducted class visits and we talked about students taking risks and teachers supporting the productive struggle of learners.  Productive Struggle?  I wanted to dive into that thought and since my #oneword18 is “write” I want to push myself and keep writing. So last night, I read, reflected, and then put... Continue Reading →

Digital Citizenship

Today’s classrooms are providing opportunities for students to learn with technology tools and nonstop information. Providing the ability to communicate and interact very quickly online. The growth of 1:1 initiatives in schools is driving the conversation and need to highlight the responsible use of technology in education.  We have heard the phrase many times “your... Continue Reading →

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