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MPS Talks

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You have heard Ted Talks… you get Milford Public School Talk. This is where educators and students share ideas about blended learning, current projects, innovative work, and support for other Milford educators and students.

Using positive praise:  Click here to view video about using positive praise in a district to increase culture and moral.  Also talking about  Social Emotional Learning and our awareness and strategies of Social Emotional Learning

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Being an Innovative Educator:  Click here to view video about thoughts on strategies to be an innovative educator.  

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Digital Leadership is Action not Position:  Click here to view video about thoughts on strategies to be an effective educator. This video includes some key leadership attributes that I’ve observed during my years as a school and district leader and of the leadership opportunities that digital learning technologies bring.

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Being an Effective Educator:  Click here to view video about thoughts on strategies to be an effective educator.  Implementing some or all strategies could support educators as instructional leaders.

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Efficiency in leaders: While long days might be part of the role of a leader, most experienced leaders have learned some time management tricks and shortcuts to keep long hours under control.   Click here to view video highlighting strategies about efficiency in leadership.


Brookside School Students sharing what they have learned.

Click here for Mrs. Bemis’ students sharing learning from the classroom.

Click here to view digital learning in physical education class.


Student leadership: One area of my professional work I am very motivated with is assisting aspirating leaders.  Today I am going to talk about student leaders and skills to become even better. I have read a lot of James Kouzes, John Wiley, and Barry Posner’s work on student leadership and my strategies and philosophy is guided by their research and work. Click here to view MPS talk on student leadership.


Twitter in the classroom: The skills, knowledge and understanding that enables critical, creative, and safe practices when engaging with digital technologies in all areas of life.  We are trying in increase this style of learning and Twitter is one wonderful way. Click here to watch the next MPS talks on Twitter in the classroom.


Leaders of Learning Book Reflection: Click here to view  Mr. Consigli Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and Carrie Banach, Principal of Milford High School share their thoughts about the book entitled “Leaders of Learning”


Milford DCAP Overview: Click here to watch Mrs. Noorjanian and Mrs. Abbondanza-Luuri Share their insights about the Milford DCAP. Milford Public Schools’ main objectives and goals for the DCAP include To support general educators in assessing, analyzing, and accommodating diverse learners


Click to view the Milford Schools Superintendent Update – September 2016


Technology Vision Presentation Reflections: Click here to view our educators “take aways” from the technology vision opening day presentation.


Woodland Tech PD Reflections: Some of our Woodland educators participated in an MPS Talks. Click here to view their reflections on the full day Google Apps for Education PD Friday.Google-Apps-Logo-580x232

Student Leadership: Click here to view our student athletic captions talk about leadership.IMG_1308

Know your Google Terms:Click here to watch an MPS Talk on “getting to know your Google Terms”  imagesDigital Learning Tools:  This video focused on 21st century tools to boost student engagement.Without question, one of the keys to academic achievement is active learning. According to research –  personalized, collaborative, and connected learning experiences enhance student engagement, which in turn drives student success. By integrating blended and digital learning into the classroom, educators can take learning experiences to the next level and improve student performance.

Click here to watch the full video to hear about each tool and see screenshots.


Leadership is Action Not Position: Episode 2 of MPS talks focuses on leadership action and the idea that “Leadership is Action not position” Click here to watch MPS Talk

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.39.41 PMMPS Talks Is Launched

I am excited to work with our technology team to continue to move blended learning and 21st century ideas and tools into our K-12 classrooms.

Click here for a welcome video and first MPS talk episode.

Dr. Matthew X. Joseph

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