Inspire others

As we kick off the school year, I wanted to share my poem from the Boston Tech and Learning poetry slam.  As we start another year, set a goal to inspire someone to reach their full potential. Thanks Carl Hooker (@mrhooker) for pushing me to dig down and try this.

The Match

I don’t want you to hear this poem

I want you to feel this poem


Because I am sharing my biggest fear in education

A fear that will drive this conversation


That fear is wasted potential


when someone doesn’t reach their full potential – that scares me

As educators, someone’s potential we often see


So how do I get over my fear

By become a match that lights somebody’s fire

Be the match that raises someone higher


Education is lighting a fire inside someone so they can be great

Lighting that fire can change someone’s fate


that student who needs a spark

that teacher who lost their desire

be that match to light their fire


FIRE is an acronym for you to remember


F – find your passion

What drives you to head into school every day

What drives you to mentor an aspiring teacher or leader often for no pay

Answer that

And That is your passion


I is for inspire

inspire somebody to reach their full potential

don’t just motivate them – inspiring is essential


we can motivate with extra credit

we can motivate with fear

But inspiring someone is when the potential will appear


You do that through building Relationships

be present

be accountable

get to know your students

get to know your colleagues

people learn FOR someone

not just From someone


And finally we get to E

every boy

every girl

every colleague

Every race

Because lighting someones fire starts in this place


Now close your eyes

Think of someone who’s fire needs be lit

Someone who needs a spark

You have someone in your thoughts

In your heart

Remember these words

Go back to school 

and do something to light someones fire

You are the match


Through building relationships with everyone

And In your passion to inspire

You will be the match that lights their fire


Click here to watch me do this live at Tech and Learning Boston. 

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