Tips & Tools to Enhance Collaboration Between Tech & Curriculum


District and school leaders talk about the need to bridge the gap between curriculum and educational technology, but often fall short of succeeding. Too often initiatives are launched as either “tech initiatives” or a “curriculum initiatives.” The tech department is often treated as a separate entity in schools. The same is true when considering curriculum initiatives; technology is left out of the discussion. We think these two initiatives should be brought together in a perfect union. We are discovering new ways to marry technology into curriculum, and are finding successful outcomes. These include:

More engaged students – Students are often more engaged when material is presented with digital tools. Technologies actively engage the students through problem-solving games, quicker study methods, and unlimited potential for research.

Increased motivation and better-developed collaboration skills – Those teachers in our districts who are utilizing technology have reported that using digital tools in instruction has increased a sense of teamwork and collaboration within the class.

Simplified materials – Too often backpacks weigh almost 15 percent of a student’s body weight. Technology can put a wealth of material literally into the palm of a student’s hand. Lightweight new laptops and digital books can easily take the place of heavy, cumbersome books and notebooks.

Here are some tools that we have found help marry tech and curriculum to enhance learning:

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