In October weeks ago I was lucky enough to be part of the ACTEM learning conference – ACTEM stands for Association of computer using educators of Maine. I saw five amazing educators complete an Ignite presentation. Those educators are: Eric Butash, Suzy Brooks, Mike Arsenault, Dan Ryder, and Eric Lawson.  I was inspired to see their efforts and knowledge. I am motivated by challenges and I said  I do was going to be to do an Ignite presentation myself. So before I start my presentation I will explain what an Ignite presentation is. I had never heard of it and now I am excited to try to present in that style.

Since I was not familiar, I did some reading on this style and wanted to share with you.

Ignite is a presentation format where a presenter speaks while slides advance automatically to support the presentation. An Ignite presentation is exactly 5 minutes, and contains exactly 20 slides. The slides advance automatically after each slide is displayed for 15 seconds. Think about Enlighten audience, but make it quick. So presenters need to be on time with messages and ready to keep moving forward, because the slides are playing.

Ignite Presentations came from Brady Forrest, technology specialist for O’Reilly Media, and Bre Pettis of MAKEmagazine. They developed Ignite in 2006 as a way for the Seattle tech community to get together, socialize, and share their personal and professional passions. Ignite was born out of this desire to combine amazing, big ideas with networking.

With only 20 slides, a presenter must make important decisions about introduction, body, and conclusion. There is an emphasis on cutting and reducing. This was a tough but educational task for me. Strong presenters know that refining a presentation allows the audience to receive, hear, and digest only the most important information. A good Ignite presentation like all good presentations should leave an audience satisfied but still hungry for more.

So I hope after today – you will create one and share and Milford educators I would be happy to help develop one.  You will see the presentation over my right shoulder and I will try to keep up. I know we talk about taking risks as educators and I wanted to take one today.  So click here and see my Ignite on Active learning.

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