Continuous Learning and Growth

As someone who went back to school, and never thought I would, at 43 – I can tell you being a continuous learner has benefited me as an educator and a leader.  When I saw Continuous Learning and assessment as one of Milford’s 4 big district goals I was thrilled because that is a sign of a district always looking to improve and grow as educators – and that is motivating for me.  Continuous learner is an integral component of practice-based learning and improvement. Educators need to be continuous learners to provide timely, efficient, and high level education in an environment where knowledge, technology, and social requirements are rapidly changing.

Traditional, structured education is very important, yet much success is derived from highly motivated individuals that have dedicated their lives to the concept of continuous learning. These individuals prioritize the creation of time in their busy lives each day to educate themselves on new concepts and ideas. These individuals understand the importance of creating plentiful opportunities in all areas of life and work of. Our world is changing around us in such a frantic pace that if we do not continue to grow and develop; we will soon be left behind. In the 21st century, we all need to be continuous learners. We need to continually keep our skills sharp and up to date so that we have an edge in all we do. The ongoing revolution in information technology demands changes not only in what we learn, but also in how we learn in the classroom and beyond. To succeed in this new environment means knowing how to access information, but also how to analyze and use it efficiently and effectively.

For all of us educators, continuous learning is the key to longer, healthier, more satisfying and productive career and lives.

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