Digital Leadership Chapters 6 & 7 – Public Relations and Branding

Public Relations and Branding

prI believe that a large part of building a positive culture with your learning community is being transparent and positivity highlighting your school/district through the form of positive public relations. Right now, Milford is using Twitter, Blogging, Website, and local TV and Radio to increase the transparency and positive public relations. Eric Sheninger writes that integrating digital Web 2.0 tools into a public relations plan will begin the process of making the school more transparent helping the school leader turn into ‘storyteller-in-chief’. Technology allows us to be connected at all times, and it’s up to us to use it to share ideas, thinking, and positives. Integrating social media tools as components of their communication and public relations strategies have already begun establishing a brand presence. Eric Sheninger says a digital leader brands their professional presence – What you stand for and who you are, and their school – improving school culture, achievement, and resourcing. In Milford I want to lead, support, brainstorm, observe, and champion our educators using Digital tools to showcase classroom and student success and information.  Continue to look for Milford schools, educators, school and district leaders branding throughout the year and inform our educational community.

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