Digital Leadership: Chapter 3,4 and 5

I had time to read more of Digital Leadership the past week and toolka lot away from the content.  

In chapter 3, Eric explains how he thinks a leader should support change. I hope I am a leader who has supported instruction change in Natick and Attleboro and I am motivated to support Milford teachers in shifting and adapting instruction using 21st century tools and building blended learning lessons.

In chapter 4, he explains that it is imperative that school leaders develop a vision for the role that technology will play and establish a strategic plan for the implementation across a broad spectrum. I am in the process of writing and vetting and collaborating with educators and administrators to launch the Milford Technology Plan. I believe leaders must model the behaviors that want to see in their staff and students.

Chapter 5 explains that schools can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to using social media tools in their overall communication efforts and, specifically in meeting the needs of all families. I believe if a leader wants to maintain the highest level of communications with families, they would begin to find ways to use social media. In Milford we are trying to create this platform with blogs, Twitter, and other online avenues for students/staff.

I look forward to continuing reading this powerful book and more importantly, excited to put the learning into practice.

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