A Culture of Explanation

studentvoiceToday’s learners are experiential learners who learn by discovery rather than being “told.” They like to interact with content to explore and draw their own conclusions (Hart, 2008). They also like playing different roles in their learning, either as a student, or even as instructor or facilitator or supporter of others, and switch between them (Hart, 2008). We need to create classrooms where students are the ones who have to defend and explain their ideas as opposed to regurgitate facts.

VoiceThread is a great tool for this. VoiceThread allows learners to speak and record what they have to say. For example, students can make math tutorials for one another explaining mathematical concepts and post them online.

AudioBoo is another tool for student to record their own voice and a tool teachers can record and share audio for students or anyone else.

Bubblr is a tool to create comic strips using photos. Just taking a sequence of pictures where you can add bubbles and create a story. Not actual voice, but voice expression in storytelling

Slidestory allows you to combine picture slide shows with voice narration. Each picture in a slide show has an accompanying voice narrated mp3 audio file, optional tags, and text caption. Isn’t this a very exciting way to make presentations and share them?

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