Evernote as a Tool

evernote-logoI know we have busy lives and as educators are spinning many plats or wearing many hats. Too often we collect notebooks in just about every corner of your office or classroom. Slips of papers as reminders with some string of illegible thoughts on them.

Often administrators have many different types of projects going on at anyone time. A meeting, an evaluation write up, presentations to develop, principal meetings, classroom visits and on and on and on. Not to mention the projects for the district. Teachers….non stop projects, papers, reports, planning…..and much MORE

Organization wasn’t really in my vocabulary, until I began using Evernote.

I had tried Evernote in the past. Installed it and looked at it and couldn’t really find a use for it. I would uninstall it and go on my way, unorganized, missing appointments, stressing about putting things together. But that is all in the past. I use Evernote everyday. I can’t live without it. So much so, it’s on every phone, computer and in every browser I come in contact with.

Ok, so what is it?

Evernote is like a giant filing cabinet. In it you put all the different notes, clips, photos, scans, just about anything. You can organize these notes into notebooks. Really what you use it for is up to you.

I have notebooks for notes, for my BC work, and as an evaluator evidence of great teaching for teachers.  I kept classroom visit notes, photos, and student work samples for all my teachers.  Using the notebook system also helps to  separate information for each teacher. That has really helped with my organization and attention to detail with teacher meetings. I also use the To-Do notebook as my list of upcoming and current projects and responsibilities.

I keep Evernote open on my computer at all times and it is the most used App on my iPad. I never know when I am going to need it or when it could come in handy. I often walk through the school and just see something amazing.  Take out my iPad and record it in an Evernote – and take a photo to capture an image to support the text.

You can even use the Evernote Web Clipper extension and save portions of websites or the full site.

Evernote is 100% free. You can pay for Evernote Premium (which I do.) that gives you lots more space, the ability to search your PDFs, the sharing option and more. For $45 bucks a year, well worth it if you ask me.

The Sharing option is incredible.  Now if something amazing is going on and you want to share ….. well…. put it in the shared notebook.

Do you use Evernote? How do you use it? What are your favorite resources? Leave some comments.

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