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Creating the Dynamic Classroom

Shifting students from absorbing information to becoming creative thinkers Information from an interview with Dr. Rod Berger and his thoughts about our conversations.  Click here to listen to interview. I … Continue reading

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EdTech Coaching in Today’s Classrooms

It was a great pleasure to attend the New Hampshire Christa McAuliffe Tech Conference (@nhcmtc) recently, where I had the opportunity to facilitate three sessions. On the second day, the … Continue reading

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Be a more visible leader and “Get out of the Office”

In my 11 years of being a principal and now the past three years as a district leader, I have seen the role of school administrator evolve from a building … Continue reading

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Intentional Act: Give Credit

I have been a dedicated listener to “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd for years. One of his many rants (when he is not loving up Lebron, or busting on QB’s … Continue reading

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Teacher Instructional Treats

Today is Halloween, traditional associated with “candy day” or “where’s the treats”. This is also associated with kids (unless you get that awesome neighbor handing out “adult” Jell-O shots during … Continue reading

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Moving Conference Ideas to ACTION

Fall kicks off state technology conferences. Some notable events include ACTEM in Maine, GaETC coming in for Georgia, Tech and Learning Leader had a summit in Denver and one coming … Continue reading

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Ideas to Avoid Burnout

Today  Sylvia Ellison‏ @SylviaEllison asked the question on the #hacklearning daily chat  Q1 What are some practical “hacky” ways we build positive environments that support educators and help avoid burn out? 280 … Continue reading

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Are you R.E.A.D.Y. as a school to be good digital citizens

Todays’ students are using technology to collaborate, learn, research, and communicate while at school. Blended and personalized learning with digital tools has flooded classrooms, but most teacher-prep programs do not … Continue reading

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Tech Tools for Active Learning Classrooms

One of the latest buzzwords in education is “active learning,” but what does this really look like in the classroom? Active learning refers to the idea that students are actively … Continue reading

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Common leadership missteps to avoid

The role of school administrator is evolving from a building manager into an instructional leader. This shift is not easy, and all leaders strive to be the best they can. … Continue reading

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Tools for Driving Your Ed Tech Instruction #GPS

How are you driving your Ed Tech instruction? When the song “Life is a Highway“ comes on, it is one of those songs you turn up a little, maybe even … Continue reading

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#excitement day 1 to day 180

This morning I logged into twitter and what do I see… Craig Martin (@CraigCMartin12) having a dance party in his office and over-the-top fired up for a day of school. So … Continue reading

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Back-to-School Tips: Setting a Positive Tone From Day One

Written with RAE HUGHART The start of a school year is a great time to set the tone for your classroom climate as a space for students to thrive and create. … Continue reading

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Inspire others

As we kick off the school year, I wanted to share my poem from the Boston Tech and Learning poetry slam.  As we start another year, set a goal to … Continue reading

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Get the most out of LinkedIn

Until recently my professional social media presence was exclusively on Twitter (@matthewxjoseph). That was until I had a conversation with a successful and reputable professional—Rita Oates—who told me I was … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Facilitating an Effective Online Meeting

This week, I will be moderating my first virtual Hangout with a group of inspired educational leaders from the Tech & Learning Leader community. As I prepare for this online … Continue reading

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Enhancing Professional Collaborations, Maximizing the reach of technology

Written with Erin Fisher Think about some of the recent movie blockbusters like The Avengers, Justice League, and X-Men. Yes, these are fictional characters, but what do they have in common? … Continue reading

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Creating Transformative Schools

What a day. A full day of learning at #BLC18 and getting notice from @FETC (#FECT) about my involvement at the event. I also got to see Joy Kirr (@JoyKirr) speak … Continue reading

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Talk’N Collaboration

Today I had the opportunity to live the word collaboration in two settings. First visiting the Hockomock Area YMCA and meeting with executive Tony Calcia to talk collaboration and the vision … Continue reading

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Increasing Relevance in Learning

I was a participant in the 2018 Massachusetts Superintendent Executive Institute (@massupt ,#MASSUPTEI18) and one of the Keynote sessions focused relevance relating to teaching and learning. The keynote speaker, Scott McLeod (@mcleod … Continue reading

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Moving from Consumption to Creation

The morning Keynote from Scott McLeod @mcleod at the @massupt (#MASSUPTEI18) talked about making learning relevant and used a phrase “Moving from Consumption to Creation” . He also challenged us to … Continue reading

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Administrator Methods for Supervising Educator Practices

The role of school administrator in public education is evolving from a building manager into an instructional leader (Jacob & Lefgren, 2008; Platt, Curtis, Warnock, Fraser & Tripp, 2008; Range, … Continue reading

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Creating Impactful PD

For the third summer in a row I will facilitate educator volunteer EdTech PD for Milford. For this post I wanted to organize thought to run effective PD for educators … Continue reading

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Next 365: Goal Setting

Yesterday I wrote a blog on reflection and was thrilled, and humbled, at the feedback I received. THANK YOU.  One common piece of feedback was, “once we reflect what are … Continue reading

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Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful. Margaret J. Wheatley My morning started with a quick check of Twitter … Continue reading

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Instructional Technology Coaching

By Dr. Matthew X. Joseph and Erin Fisher MEd Too often schools launch new technology without a plan for supporting and coaching teachers through the process of using new technology … Continue reading

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Hope is Not a Strategy

I was thrilled to be asked by Craig Martin @CraigCMartin12 to be a part of Perkins School Genius Week.  When I started to think about sessions it was right after … Continue reading

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Tips & Tools to Enhance Collaboration Between Tech & Curriculum

By : MATTHEW X. JOSEPH AND COLLEEN E. TERRILL District and school leaders talk about the need to bridge the gap between curriculum and educational technology, but often fall short of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on STEM

Thursday mornings (or evenings if you are in Australia) is a time for the best STEM chat (in my opinion) on Twitter –  #primarySTEMchat. Rachael Lehr (@rachaellehr) a science & … Continue reading

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Digital Tattoo

This weekend I participated in a Twitter chat #satchat with the theme of digital citizenship. One of my posts shared how I look at a digital footprint – I actually … Continue reading

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