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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

Continuous Learning and Growth

As someone who went back to school, and never thought I would, at 43 – I can tell you being a continuous learner has benefited me as an educator and … Continue reading

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Ways to be an effective educator

Before coming to Milford I served as a building principal for 10 years in Attleboro and Natick and in March 2016 I completed my doctorate in educational leadership.  This post … Continue reading

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Digital Leadership Is Action, Not Position

While “the boss,” or principal, may be the one who leads a school’s digital initiative, any staff member or student can demonstrate leadership to enhance learning. As Donald McGannon said, … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership In Creating Blended Environment

In my last post, I talked about Blended learning. I know that it is a risk for educators to move in that direction and want support and trust from their … Continue reading

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Blended Learning

I believe and have seen in classrooms that that the more students are engaged and take an active part in their learning, the more likely they are to perform well … Continue reading

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Digital Leadership Chapters 6 & 7 – Public Relations and Branding

Click here to read my review and thoughts on Ch. 6&7 of Eric Sheninger’s Book “Digital Leadership” about Public Relations and Branding

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MSSAA Presentation

Click to view materials for Developing a Healthy School Culture to Support Novice Teachers

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Digital Learning Tools

Click to listen to 21st Century learning tools that I shared to increase engagement that educators can implement for blended learning.

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Episode 2 of MPS talks focuses on leadership action and the idea that “Leadership is Action not position” Click to watch MPS Talk

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Digital Leadership: Chapter 3,4 and 5

I had time to read more of Digital Leadership the past week and took a lot away from the content. Click this post to read my reflections on chapter 3-5.

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